001 – Wrestle Daddies: Ascension

Logo by Scott Latimer

Logo by Scott Latimer

Episode 1 – Wrestle Daddies: Ascension. The Daddies rise from the ashes like a beautiful muscular phoenix. A new company is born in sweat and blood and we meet the first stars of Wrestle Daddies. Including such legends as Scarlett Charlotte Chode and Obituary Oliver.

Hosted and Cut by Brett Loughery and Jake Martin
Logo by Scott Latimer
Theme – ‘The Invincible Eagle’ by John Philip Sousa as performed by the United States Marine Band

000 – Preview, Pomp and Circumstance

Logo by Scott Latimer

The Daddies introduce themselves to their family… You! They explain just what they are doing here and why they will never leave, son and/or daughter. This is a feed test… but also a preview… but also a beginning. So eat up! And tell us this feed tastes.

Hosted and Cut by Jake Martin and Brett Loughery
Theme Music – “The Invincible Eagle” by John Philip Sousa as performed United States Marine Band

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