0013 – Octopussy

At long last, we return to the world on James Bond! And boy are we cranky, boarding on nihilistic, as we watch “Octopussy” (1983). How can the Boozing & Bonding Boys get mad at a film where James Bond dresses as a clown, gorilla, crocodile, and a horse’s ass?! Grab yourself a Chai Martini, touch some Fabergé eggs, and join us to find out! #ElephantsNeverForget

Hosted by Chris Nyarady and Keegan Flick-Parker
Edited by Chris Nyarady
Logo by Keegan Flick-Parker
Boozing & Bonding Theme by MissingNo (Check them out at missingnoband.bandcamp.com)
Website: www.boozingandbonding.com
Drinks sponsored by Sons of Vancouver Distillery (Check them out at https://sonsofvancouver.ca/)

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