005 – The Tuesday Afternoon Wars Begin (with Pat Brennan)

Logo by Scott Latimer

Episode 5 – The Tuesday Afternoon Wars Begin

This is WAR. The Daddies have started a ratings war for the ages with their bitter rivals ‘The Price is Right’. They might need some help for this one… so they have called on their first Guest Daddy: Pat Brennan of ‘The Dust Off’! Experience in full audio glory the sounds of battle as Pat brings out his secret weapon – Old Dutch.

You can catch Pat Brennan on his show ‘The Dust Off’ at www.thedustoff.com

Hosted and Cut by Brett Loughery and Jake Martin
Guest Host – Pat Brennan
Logo by Scott Latimer
Theme – ‘The Invincible Eagle’ by John Philip Sousa as performed by the United States Marine Band

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