016 – Fisticuffs Slamdown!

Logo by Scott Latimer

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the 1st ever Wrestle Daddies: Fisticuffs Slamdown! In this electrifying one hour special, the Daddies submit your suggestions to a grueling Fisticuffs Slamdown, an event that our legal team insisted we say is ‘similar but legally distinct from the Royal Rumble’. One Vacant Title, Two Dozen Men, Three Dollars will get you a ballpark footlong at the arena. Some new stars include Papa Squat and The Human Spike Pit, Simon Portnoy.

Hosted and Cut by Brett Loughery and Jake Martin
Logo by Scott Latimer
Theme – ‘The Invincible Eagle’ by John Philip Sousa as performed by the United States Marine Band

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