033 – Big Poppa Jake is Beyond Wrestling (with Dylan Sealy and Lucas Martin)

Logo by Scott Latimer

The second brand new Wrestle Daddies pilot – Jake Martin, along with mobile porn magnate R.D. Steele and Level 37 Feng Shui Master JOHn, decide to evolve the very IDEA of Wrestling in their new show – “Beyond Wrestling”. Listen in horror as Martin, Steele and JOHn break apart everything you love… but listen in unbridled pleasure as they build it up again.

Hosted by Jake Martin, Dylan Sealy and Lucas Martin
Cut by Jake Martin
Logo by Scott Latimer
Original Music by Dylan Sealy

2 Replies to “033 – Big Poppa Jake is Beyond Wrestling (with Dylan Sealy and Lucas Martin)”

  1. I truly enjoyed this podcast and the vision you have set out for the future of wrestling. If possible I would like to make myself a candidate for cloning to become one of two of the faceless beefy white men crushing walnuts, diet coke, and souls for “Beyond Wrestling” and the entertainment of millions. I also enjoy the idea of watching porn with my children.
    Thank you,
    -Dubious Crane

  2. Dear Dubious Crane,

    We are honored that you believe in our vision for the future of wrestling. Unfortunately as JOHn and R.D. Steele now own the rights to ‘Beyond Wrestling’ we will have to be in touch with their representatives for the cloning procedure. In preparation for the inevitable day where our scientists arrive at your door to collect tissue samples, please continue to ingest large quantities of Diet Coke and Walnuts to ensure optimal subdermal levels of wrestledepherene.

    Yours truly,

    Big Poppa Jake

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