042 – A War of 1812 No Disqualification Interpretative Dance (with Craig Mazerolle)

Logo by Scott Latimer

O Canada! The Daddies are finally back home… but no rest for the wicked. Ace Lawyer Craig Mazerolle and his friend Can Con have threatened to pull all of Wrestle Daddies sweet sweet grant funding unless they can make the show more Canadian. So strap on your hockey bag and douse your chest hair with sweet, sticky maple syrup as we embrace our Roots (TM) and get all Canuck on y’all.

Also a special pitch for Station Zed’s new podcast ‘Springfield: The Later Years’, a podcast where Craig and Pat (of The Dust Off) are two diehard Simpsons fans forced (by themselves) to dive into the controversial later seasons of the show they hold so dear. They already have a slew of episodes waiting just for you right here.

Hosted and Cut by Brett Loughery and Jake Martin
Guest Host – Craig Mazerolle
Special Cameo – Pat Brennan
Logo by Scott Latimer
Theme – ‘The Invincible Eagle’ by John Philip Sousa as performed by the United States Marine Band

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