Book Club 003 – Casino Royale (Novel)

We go back to the start of the primordial ooze from which the entire James Bond franchise springs forth from. And what an ooze it is! Not only do we discuss the original Casino Royale novel, but we also talk about Ian Flemming and his issues, which bleeds into the issues we have with Bond’s premiere. Spoiler alert: we find it rough. How rough?? We felt the need for a special trigger warning for this one. That’s how rough.

Trigger Warning: a more in-depth discussion about misogyny, violence against women and sexual assault than our usual episodes.

Hosted by Chris Nyarady and Keegan Flick-Parker
Edited by Chris Nyarady
Logo by Keegan Flick-Parker
Boozing & Bonding Theme by MissingNo (Check them out at

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